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Chopard Replica Watches's first Baselworld event under Georges Kern brought out some new ideas. Some concepts, such as the Navitimer 8 collection are a step above what we've seen before. Some, such as the Navitimer Super 8 which is a massive watch, are more difficult. The Navitimer 1 family looks familiar, with the dial layout as expected, even though the logo has been modified. But, hidden amongst all the references is the Navitimer 1 Automat 38mm.

This Navitimer is without a chronograph function.Chopard Replica Watches It was originally designed as a watch for women. Although this is not the first three-hander bearing the name, the last example of the watch was a 1950s dress timer with a date window but no rotating bezel. The 1952 ref. The 1952 ref.

The slide rule is the most striking feature of the new 38mm, especially in the blue dial version. It makes the watch appear more clear without sub-dials. This case is smaller and avoids a lot of empty space. It also appeals to vintage watch lovers. Chopard Replica Watches's new watch challenges the notion that slide-rule watches must be also chronographs. We take you on a time-travelling journey to the beginning of it all...

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The year 1550 saw Scotland in turmoil. After an unsuccessful attempt at establishing a union, the English began to retreat from the borders. This left the Scots under threat of being controlled by France, which was a worrying prospect for the Protestant nation. John Napier, the first child of a prominent family and who would later run the Scottish Mint, was born in this uncertain time. Napier was educated at Edinburgh University,Breitling Navitimer Replica but he never graduated. He left early to continue his education in Europe.

Napier returned in 1571 to find the father incarcerated and the family home occupied by civil war. He sought refuge on one the family estates, and began studying mathematics.